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April 18, 2020, 11:43 p.m.

    Due to nation wide lockdown many poor families in the country are without food, water , shelter and income for survival and subsistence. Despite publicity, many families are not getting their basic necessities of livelihood. Everyday news are published.  I am requesting all the consumer organisations and consumer activists to take initiative for collection of names and addresses of such families. All such information may be published in the consumers’ website www.
Photos of suffering families may also be published in this website. Even short videos can be published. All the policy makers, administrators, law makers and media persons  may get necessary data from this website. The big consumer organisations and the apex consumer body, CCC India have a big role in this new area for consumer protection. Consumer complaints are not only against companies and brands. Complaints are also against  Govt werfare services.  Amrit Lal Saha, President, Consumers Protection Association.